Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA Tank Review

The Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA is designed by Wotofo in collaboration with Suck My Mod. The Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA features a unique redirected airflow system which brings air in from a dual adjustable bottom airflow control ring, and redirects the air up into the posts of the build deck where it exits parallel with the coil. This airflow system helps reduce leakage in comparison with traditional bottom airflow and offers enhanced flavor production. The build deck on the Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA is a two post design with two slotted terminals per post to allow coil mounting for both forward and reverse wrapped coils. The Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA also features a gold plated 510 contact, an ULTEM 510 drip tip. Its 4 mL e-juice reservoir is conveniently top filling with dual adjustable AFC at the base of the unit as well as an exclusive, wide bore drip tip that is heat resistant and caters to outstanding vapor production.

Superior Stainless Steel Construction
Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
Dual Adjustable Airflow at Base
Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
Proprietary ULTEM Wide-bore Tip

Material: Stainless steel
Thread: 510 thread
Diameter: 24mm
Height: 45.5mm
Capacity: 4ml
Model: Single coil RTA
Color: SS, Black

Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA comes with one Serpent SMM RTA, one Screw Driver, one User Manual, one Bag of Japanese Cotton, one Bag of Spare Screws and O-rings, one Bag of Spare Coils.

More Detail, click Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA . The Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTAis now in stock and on sale at urvapin! The colors available for purchase are Black and Stainless steel. Click Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA to get this deal!

Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTAis a RTA you can’t miss

Designed by cooperancy of Wotofo and Matt C from Suck my Mod the Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTAis a 24mm RTA. It has a single-coil two post deck, top-filling, and a unique lateral airflow system that I have never seen in a tank before.

Includes: one Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA, one Screw Driver, one User Manual, one Bag of Japanese Cotton, one Bag of Spare Screws and O-rings, one Bag of Spare Coils.Really cool that they included two extra glass sections.

The quality of machining is excellent, like all of the other Wotofo products that have come out in the past year. Absolutely zero issues taking it apart or connecting any threaded pieces. The stainless steel they use feels sturdy and isn’t thin or flimsy.

The deck is somewhat similar to the deck on the Serpent RDTA, however this one doesn’t use clamps and the airflow comes in laterally.
Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTAworks really well and I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s no where near as bad as the post holes on the Icon RDA, which are a pain in the ass to trap thinner wire in.It’s designed really well, which makes the whole building process very straight-forward and painless.

It’s also cool that they made the for the Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA deck symmetrical, so you can put the the coil in any way you want to orient. You can always flip the coil around when it’s time to install it.

I have ran into one slight issue while installing builds. When the screw makes contact with the wire and is being tightened down, it has a tendency to grab the wire and twist the coil out of shape. I keep a screwdriver in the coil to help prevent this, but it still moves it a little. This is a negligible issue and causes no real problems, but might be annoying if you have OCD with coils.

Wicking is easy also. Just make sure the holes are gently sealed, and you have no issues with any of your builds. Very forgiving, and will also not leaked a single drip on you.

It easily keeps up while being chained vaped. The flavor is so good that You will can’t help yourself…

All in all, this is an great deal for the Wotofo SERPENT SMM RTA! If you are a fan of Wotofo products or looking for a new RTA, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Be sure to check this deal out at urvapin.

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Triple Coil Deck of CoilART AZEROTH RTA Operating Experience

Notice that the triple coil deck need to insert silk from top to bottom. You will need to pay attention to the length of the mould, make sure that the heat wire wouldn’t touch atomization warehouse wall (in the case of short circuit). We can insert the moldings first into atomizer, estimate the length of the need, cut off the excessive moldings, try to keep some, and confirmed many times. According to our experience, 3 mm is ok.

After the coil is, of course, to burn the silk. The advantages of deck is that coil can be adjust by ceramic tweezers, up and down. If your coil is clamped, and also shaved, but it is uneven heating. Then consider the question of whether the molding is loose and lock it again.

Cotton operations has some difference with other atomizers. we first insert three coil with oil cotton. According to the need, cut off the excess of cotton, and then insert two cotton feet together into conduction oil tank with.

The taste of this atomizer and the size of smoke are relatively satisfactory. When the smoke is too rich, administrative levels feels is not clear. It is unable to avoid. Step-down output can effectively solve the problem.

And two atomizer head switch can bring different experience to electronic cigarette players. Thermal insulation material of black lid give it a more full-bodied taste experience, while stainless roof can provide excellent experience of smoke.Triple coil deck’s resistance is lower. When using the mechanical equipment you can feel more fierce outbreak.

We take a look at what is the problem found in use:

  1. The two screw processing of the two deck is not in place, the lock of molds will cause certain problems.
  2. The atomizer 510 outlet insulation gasket cannot seal well. Condensate sometimes seeps from the gap.
  3. The inlet adjustment ring have accumulated condensate too, and it is hard to clean.
  4. When closing the top, smoke oil squeezed out from around the head.
  5. The anode electrode column is a little long. When packed in some top direct mechanical lever, it will not screwing in all.
  6. Triple coil deck’s atomization core reset operation has certain difficulty for newcomers.
  7. Triple coil deck’s cotton operation also needs certain skills.

The advantages of the atomizer is very obvious. Triple coil deck has very good smoke taste experience, the experience of double coil deck is beyond the average standard.

So under the excellent taste of smoke, there are more small problems. The triple coil deck reset operation is a little difficult for novice electronic cigarette players. Its work are relatively good, and have no obvious flaws.

In general it is a relatively successful atomizer. Although you can’t replace the general drip nozzle, but its own two tops have been able to give you good experience. If players want to experience the smoke taste with coexistence of rich palate and hierarchical, the RTA azeroth atomizer may be a good choice.

You can find it on urvapin.





Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit Review

Vapers who have had concerns on the Ecig Exhibition in Russia in the end of last year might know the good performance of Steel Vape at the event site. The  popularity degree of its Tailspin mod kit was so deep due to its high performance price ratio, accordingly, this product was completely sold out at that time, which brought a great deal of fans to the brand of Steel Vape. Recently, Steel Vape brand made its effort again to release a brand new mech mod named Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit

Featured with appealing appearance, the Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit is consisted of two parts, RDA and mod. Its integrality is pretty strong that vapers would not like to tear themselves from it.
It is processed with stoving varnish technology and the carved dragon scald pattern on it is extremely lifelike.  It comes in multiple colors, silver, black, yellow, red and green. It’s comfortable to handle it and very pleasing to eyes.

In the light of its workmanship, you can hardly find any defects with its carved pattern. Every details of it is exquisite enough. In the light of its design, this mod is aimed at serving the vapers who like huge-vapor mech mods. Next, we will talk about its matched RDA.

The Sebone RDA is composed by a base and two different atomizer tubes. The integrated atomizer tube (tube with the drip tip)can be matched with 810 drip tip, while the open-typed atomizer tube can be matched with much bigger-sized drip tips.

The Steel Vape brand has also released matched drip tips with super big diameter, which can match its atomizer tube of 24mm and can be a good choice for the vapers who like dripping on the top.

There are two super big electrode posts on the RDA base that can lock various coils easily. Its oil tank is pretty deep for you to do the dripping. Together with the space inside of the tube, this atomizer is very suitable for fancy coils with low resistance and traditional coils with big wire diameters (0.6mm or above).

Next we will talk about the mech mod of this Sebone Kit.

The pretty pattern on the mod body gives it a force of friction in some degree, so that the mod is not slippery in hand. The color of the paints shows that the working procedures are kind of complicated and the effect of the color gradient is pretty good.

It is featured with a straight-through structure. By screwing the fire switch at the bottom, you can adapt the distance between the positive electrode and the positive pole of the battery. Take a careful look at the Sebone Mod that has been used for several days, electrical carbon content of the switch at the bottom is very little. When vape on it with a low resistance, the heat of the switch is well controlled.

To sum up, this Sebone Mech mod Kit released by Steelvape is pretty excellent. It’s finely shaped and the usage experience is also excellent as well. Its market price is very affordable. I believe that vapers who cares about the appearance, matching and performance price ratio will like this product pretty much.

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Limitless 200w LMC TC Box Mod New Colors $55.69 Vape Deals

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod

Temperature Control Box Mod

For a limited time only, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod New Version is on sale right here for only $55.69 from Urvapin! No coupon code required! Free shipping is included with this purchase! The colors available are new version Red, Flag, Rainbow, Space Gray and Grain.

The Limitless LMC 200W TC Box Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included). This device does feature a maximum wattage output of 200w, and features a custom chip! The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod also features temperature control for Ni200, Ti, and SS wires.

The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod has a ton of safety features built in, providing the user a peace of mind during use. The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod includes three memory modes as well as three presets: Soft, Standard, and Powerful. Lastly, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod features interchangeable plates with magnets, so you can easily customize this device!

All in all, this is a great deal for the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod! If you are a fan of Limitless and looking to pick up a new temperature control box mod for cheap, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at Urvapin for only $55.69! This sale does end 6/23/17!

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Product Features:

  • Required 2 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Maximum wattage output: 200w
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.08 ohm
  • Many Safety Features
  • Temperature Control: Ni200, Ti, SS
  • Interchangeable Plates with Magnets
  • 3 Preset Modes (Soft, Standard, Powerful)
  • New Version
  • Custom Chipset

Order here:


Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Review from Urvapin

Today I will be reviewing the Oumier Wasp Nano RDA.

The Wasp Nano by Oumier is a 22mm single-coil RDA designed for flavor chasing. It features a gold-plated deck, a very reduced chamber, and also includes a squonking pin.

The deck is pretty similar to the Hadaly, however the posts are a lot longer. I like this because it reduces the chamber size by a lot, however it could also be a con because it forces you to make really wide coils or bow out the coil legs for smaller coils.

Building and wicking this RDA is effortless with a wider coil. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish, and I love that about it. With a smaller coil the legs will need some adjustments so they can find the terminals, but even that doesn’t take much time.

The terminals have a slight valley shape to them, so even if you want to use thinner wire it still makes a solid connection. I like this feature, and it also makes building with thicker builds easier because it funnels the wire down exactly to where it should be.

Airflow is adjusted by spinning the ultem cap. The tolerance is somewhat loose, and when the o-rings get juicy it moves with very little resistance. It’s so loose that it will spin around in your pocket, but in a perfect world it would be a little more grippy. The airflow is smooth with all settings, and never gets turbulent or whistle-y.

Wide open, the airflow is surprisingly pretty loose. Even at 80w with a big alien coil, wide open is a bit too airy for me. Even wide open though, the flavor is still excellent and beats most of my flavor-oriented RDAs. The way I like it most is at 60W with the airflow around 3/4 open. With these settings it gives a nice smooth restricted lung draw and stunning flavor production.

This is easily in my top 3 flavor RDA’s of all time. The reduced single-coil deck and the fact that it can handle decently higher wattages make it a flavor monster. At around 60w with the airflow slightly choked down, it gives extremely concentrated flavorful vapor.

If you’re in the market for a compact 22mm flavor chasing RDA, I’d give the Wasp Nano a serious look. If interested, its available on urvapin.


Limitless Pulse Pod System Review from Urvapin

The Limitless Pulse is a cutting-edge pod style vaporizer that utilizes a draw activated firing mechanism, creating the ultimate mouth to lung vaporizer for beginners looking to quit smoking.

It is the newest addition to the Limitless product line. Manufactured by PLY Rock, the Pulse comes with one full unit with a refillable pod installed, 1 extra pod, and a USB charger.

Today we review the Pulse Pod System, a new pod mod by Limitless Mod Co and Ply Rock. Its edgy design and refillable pods are sure to be talking points.

The Pulse Vaporizer from Limitless is powered by a 8W, 350mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Pod vaporizers require very little power, throw in the draw activated firing mechanism and you have an extremely long lasting battery that will vape for days on end before eventually needing a recharge.

Within this kit you will find two of the Pulse refillable pod atomizers. The refillable pod allows you to vape your favorite flavors rather than having to buy pre-filled cartridges made specifically for your vape. Each pod can hold up to 2mL of liquid at any given time and can be quickly refilled by removing the black mouthpiece then removing the inner plug to access the fill ports.

Limitless’ Pulse Vaporizer also features a customizable LED light system controlled by the button found on the center of the device, a micro-usb charging port with 1A max charge rate allows you to get a quick recharge no matter where you may be and a low-resistance battery protection will ensure safe use at all times.The Pulse is easy-to-use with its draw-activated fire mechanism, and is designed with a multiple LED light system to customize your look. So just buy one on e cigarette store urvapin to help you quit smoking.