Vaporesso ORCA Solo Kit

Vaporesso Orca Solo Starter Kit comes with 1.5ml juice tank. With built-in 800mAh battery, the Orca Solo provides a long-lasting vaping time to you. The unique CCELL coil is optimized for high nicotine satisfaction. The flash heat system brings purer and smoother flavor byrapid and even heating. The Orca Solo is perfect for starters and Mouth-to-Lung enthusiasts.


Eleaf Lexicon 235w TC Kit

The Eleaf Lexicon 235W TC Starter Kit comes with a “Light Show” outline design, with seven different color LED lights that illuminate at night. Powered by dual 18650 cells, Eleaf Lexicon Kit can generate up to 235W of maximum power, available in TC, TCR and VW modes for your choice. The tank has a resin cellular glass tube and drip tip, features top filling design and adjustable airflow system for huge flavor and nice vapor production. More information will come soon.


How to Buy the Best Draining Soap Dish


The market is flooded with various types and models of draining soap dishes. Well, this is a good thing because you have a variety of products to choose from. This guarantees that you will get the exact type of draining soap dish you are looking for depending on your style, personal needs, your bathroom needs and your budget.

While the presence of a wide variety of draining soap dishes in the market is a good thing, and ensures that everyone is covered, it makes shopping for draining soap dish a daunting task. Precisely, narrowing down to the best product that meets all your needs might not be easy. For this reason, we thought it wise to show you how to buy the best draining soap dish. Read on and find out how to do just that.

  • Browse the internet

When you have made a decision to buy a soap dish, you should do a thorough research on what models and types are available, and which one will deliver as per its specifications. Browse the internet and find out what’s available, their specifications, popular manufacturers and so on.

Visiting reputable review sites and find out the products they have rated the highest. Read their pros and cons to ensure that you are getting what you exactly need. Again, read customer reviews and find out what they are saying about the general performance of a particular product you are considering to buy.


Come up with a list of top 5 draining soap dishes, and narrow down your research on them before narrowing down to one.

  • Ask others

When shopping for a draining soap dish, you should contact your loved ones and ask them about these products. For instance, if you know a colleague who recently built home or upgraded his or her bathroom, then you should ask them about the draining soap dish they bought. They will obviously have a lot to tell you about these products, and recommend what can be the best for you. Ask your friends to tell you if they know of a manufacturer or the site that will sell you genuine and high quality product.

If you have a family, and you are going to share the bathroom with others, it’s good to talk to them and agree on what draining soap dish you should buy. We highly recommend that you buy what everyone is happy with.

Draining Soap Dish

  • Discus with your bathroom contractor

Chances are that your bathroom contractor knows the best draining soap dish that is durable and affordable, and that which will match your bathroom décor. You can be sure that your contractor will give you some of the best suggestions that will make it easier for you to narrow down to the soap dish you should buy. He will suggest what shape and size will fit well in your bathroom. He definitely knows the design that will match well with your bathroom.

Now you know. Go ahead and buy a draining soap dish that will add beauty and feel to your bathroom.

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The VIA240 is VO TECH’s all-new dual battery device that is coupled with the industry acclaimed VO CHIPSET. We designed the VIA240 from the ground up to be a performance monster that won’t break the bank. The VIA240 pushes the batteries in a series, effectively doubling the voltage output, and results in massive amounts of vapor from any atomizer of your choosing. The VIA240 is meant to go places: it is lightweight, yet rugged with a strong polymer construction that is built to last. VOTECH was the first in the customization game, and the VIA240 continues this tradition with replaceable covers that allow you to choose your favorite design to complete the look to your satisfaction.

How to buy those products that will be worthy of your money?

How to buy those products that will be worthy of your money?

The Shower Soap Dispenser is one accessory that you will inevitably find in the bathrooms. If you want to ensure that you are getting quality products that can offer you worthy return for your money, you should always make the purchase being wise and considerate. Here is your guide in that regard.

You should give due consideration on the aspect of the dispensing volume

While buying the Shower Soap Dispenser (Homerises), the primary point of consideration is about the volume of soap that the dispenser can accommodate. This implies, you should pick the size of the dispenser in a manner that you don’t have to refill it frequently and you get the supply of the soap right when you need it.

Shower Soap Dispenser

The material with which the dispenser is made

Another point that you need to consider is that material used for the construction of the Shower Soap Dispenser. To ensure that the accessory lasts for the longest span of time, you need to pick those materials that can withstand the wear and tear so that the item can serve you for the longest span of time. This way, you can ensure that you get the best value for your money.

The dispenser should be user-friendly

To ensure that you and your family members are not finding it tough to adopt with the Shower Soap Dispenser, you should pick those materials that are user friendly. It implies, you should never find it tough to extract the soap out of the dispenser or to refill it.

As a buying guide, opt for those products that comes from the top brands as those providers always ensure that they are serving quality products within reasonable rates. This way, you get to win the deals on the aspect of product quality as well as the price.

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FoamCare Toilet Seat Sanitiser | Instant Foam Hand Sanitiser‎
Alcohol-free, Non-flammable, Non-toxic, GreenLabel Certified & U.S FDA Compliant
Highlights: Effective & Quick-Drying Foam, 24 Hours Of Anti-Bacterial Protection…

SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit

When I first looked at Snowwolf Vfeng 230w, the thing came to me is the transformers. It is officially said that Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod has a Robbot design and is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Powered by dual high drain 18650 batteries, the maximum output of Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod is 230W. Let’s check its elegance out!


SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit Features & Spec:
Main material:Zinc alloy+SS
Display:1.30〞TFT color screen
Wattage range:10W-230W
Temperature range:100℃-300℃/200℉-570℉
Voltage input:6.4V-8.4V
Voltage output:1.0V-7.5V
Max output current:40A
Battery support: 2*18650
Resistance range:0.05Ω-3.0Ω
Coil supporting:Kanthal/Titanium/Ni200/SS(304/316/317)/TCR
Charging support (USB):DC 5V/2.5A
Support USB charging

SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit Package:
1 * SnowWolf Vfeng Mod(no battery cell)
1 * SnowWolf Vfeng Atomizer
1 * Glass Tube
1 * RBA Coil
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual and Warranty Card