Joyetech Ultex T80 with NCFilm heating Review

The Joyetech Ultex T80 is a tubular vape mod with a cool futuristic design and packed full of interesting features that we usually see on box mods. But what really sets it apart from all the other similar vape kits on the market – of which there are many – is the Cubis Max tank. It’s got top airflow to minimize leaking, holds up to 5ml of e-liquid, and most importantly, it does away with coil-heads, relying instead on an innovative heating element that can allegedly be cleaned and re-used for months.

A Look at the Contents

The joytech Ultex T80 kit comes in a large rectangular cardboard box with the assembled tubular mod and sub-ohm tank on the front, and a list of contents, company information and a scratch and check authenticity seal on the back.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Inside the box, we have the single 18650 battery tube mod sitting next to the Cubis Max tank, a spare glass section and a smaller box that contains the micro-USB charging cable and two small bags of accessories (cotton sheets, spare o-rings for the tank, a spare NFC heating element, and a small screwdriver). At the bottom of the box you’ll find separate user manuals for the mod and the tank as well as a battery warning card.

Design and Build Quality

Yeah, i have to say the Joyetech Ultex T80 looks very different compared to the vast majority of regulated tubular mods. Instead of a simple tube with an unimpressive tank slapped on top, you have this intricately designed piece of metal that, in my opinion, resembles the handle of a lightsaber, and a futuristic-looking tank. It’s really quite impressive for appears to be a rudimentary vape mod. But appearances can be deceiving, as there is much more to the T80 that meets the eye.

Joyetech Ultex T80

The mod is made of zinc alloy and has a comfortable weight to it with a battery inserted, and the tank is made of stainless steel and glass.

From the bottom of the battery tube to the Delrin drip, the Joyetech Ultex T80 measures 138.5mm and has a diameter of 28mm. But that’s around its widest point, so don’t assume that you can get away with a 28mm atomizer without any overhang. The Cubis Max tank is also 28mm around its glass section, but it’s actually only 26mm at the base in order to align perfectly with the tank. So any tank or RDA with a base larger than 26mm will overhang.

It’s hard for me to describe the general look of this mod, but I think the word futuristic pretty much sums it up. So if you’re into SciFi, alien artefacts, and stuff like that, I think you’ll find it very attractive. I personally like the overall design and I think Joyetech deserves a thumbs up for trying something different.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Starting at the top, the Joyetech Ultex T80 mod features a classic 510 connection with a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 pin. The fire button is located close the top of the mod, opposite the micro-USB charging cable. Instead of the classic round fire button, Joyetech decided to go with an elongated rectangular design that fits the general design of the mod very well. The button protrudes from the mod quite a bit, is very clicky and doesn’t have any rattle.

The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are located between the fire button and the small display near the bottom. They are not marked but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which is which, since they are positioned one above the other. Unlike the fire button, which doesn’t rattle at all, these adjustment buttons are very loose and do rattle if you shake the mod. However, I didn’t find them annoying at all during day to day use.

Joyetech Ultex T80

The Joyetech Ultex T80 is one of the few modern tube mods that features an integrated display. It reminds me of the early regulated tube mods, like the Provari 2.5. It’s a small, black and white screen with an unimpressive resolution compared to the gorgeous screens we’ve seen on box mods like the Modefined Draco or Smoant Naboo, but it’s a nice feature nonetheless.

Finally, at the bottom of the mod, we have the battery cap, which unscrews to reveal the single 18650 battery compartment. The bay itself is a bit tight. Batteries with original wrapping fit snug, but rewrapped batteries tend to get stuck inside because there’s no wiggle room at all. That’s a pro and a con, depending on how you look at it.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Menu System and Navigation

Most of the regulated tubular mods I’ve reviewed lately, like the SMOK Stick Prince or the Eleaf iJust 3 didn’t even have a menu. They ere rudimentary vaping devices that pulled power straight from the battery, so all you had to to was screw on an atomizer and push the fire button. Well, the Ultex T80 is different. Not only does it have variable wattage technology, but it also has most of the features we see on advanced mods, like temperature control, TCR and preheat settings. To be honest, I really didn’t expect it to be this complex.

To get into the modes menu, all you have to do is press the fire button three times. You will then be able to browse through all the available modes – wattage mode, temperature mode for three supported materials (stainless steel, titanium and nickel), three TCR memory modes and even Bypass, which lets you pull power straight from the battery, but with all the built-in protections still active.

Joyetech Ultex T80

But the Ultex T80 actually has a secondary menu you can access. Hold the fire button and the ‘+’ button pressed simultaneously for two seconds, and you will be taken to the settings menu, where you can, select which secondary parameter appears on the main screen (voltage, amperage or puffs) enable and disable Stealth mode (turn off the display), select the duration and intensity of the preheat, check the version of the firmware and, finally, check the voltage of the battery.

Apart from custom curves mode, and other bells and whistles that you don’t really need, this thing has all the main features you’ll find on the latest advanced mods, which is pretty darn impressive.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Navigation is pretty straightforward, as all you have to know is that the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons are used to browse through various submenus and options, and pressing the fire button confirms your choices.

The Tank

While the Joyetech Ultex T80 is pretty cool for a regulated tube mod, it pales in comparison to the Cubis Max tank, which is a bit unusual, as in most other similar kits, you get a run of the mill tank that works ok but doesn’t really blow you away. But as I said before, this kit is different.

Like the original Joyetech Cubis tank, the Cubis Max features top airflow to minimize leaking. It has an e-liquid capacity of up to 5ml, and can be refilled through the top fill port, by sliding the top cap outwards. Just look for the red arrow on the top cap and push against it with your thumb to reveal the fill slot.

Joyetech Ultex T80

The airflow channel on this tank is very interesting. basically that chimney going through the middle of the tank has air and vapor going in opposite directions. There is an outer channel through which the air travels from the top airflow slots down to the heating element at the bottom and then goes into the inner channel and reaches the user’s mouth. The design is similar to the OBS Engine RTA, only here you can actually see both channels when you disassemble the tank.

But what really sets the Cubis Max apart from any of the tanks I’ve ever used is the fact that it doesn’t need coil-heads. Instead it uses a replaceable heating element called NCFilm heater, which I am pretty sure stands for “Notch Coil Film”, as this heater looks very similar to Joyetech’s innovative notch coil.

Joyetech Ultex T80

So how does this NCFilm work? Well, it’s actually quite an interesting design. The heater is screwed to the inside of the tank and on the tank base you have a square sheet of cotton pressed against it. When the battery is activated, the NCFilm element, which is made of Kanthal, heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid absorbed by the piece of cotton. The juice flows into this unconventional wicking through two slots located on either side of the heating elements, so you never have to worry about the cotton drying up as long as there’s e-liquid left in the tank. Thank you, gravity!

The Cubis Max is designed in such a way that you can check the cotton wicking and even replace it without having to drain the tank, which is a big plus. All you have to do is unscrew the outer ring around the base of the tank, hold the atomizer upside down and then grab the connection pin and pull the base off. Then you can adjust or replace the sheet of cotton, put the base back on and keep on vaping.

Joyetech Ultex T80

The biggest advantage of this innovative NCFilm is that you can actually clean it and reuse it for several months. That doesn’t work with most coil-heads. Once gunk builds up around the heating element and on the wicking, all you can do is throw it away, but with this heating element, you can just dry burn the juice deposits, change the wicking and you’re good to go. Joyetech claims that you can use an NCFilm for up to three months before replacing it, but I guess you can use it even longer than that if you’re vaping a clear, unsweetened e-juice.

And since the Ultex T80 kit includes a spare NCFilm heater, you’re good to go for at least six months, which is a huge pro in terms of maintenance consts. To replace, just use the included screwdriver to take out the two tiny screws keeping the heating elements in place, put the new one back on, and you’re good to go.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Battery Life and Performance

As I mentioned, the Joyetech Ultex T80 is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included). Battery life depends on a variety of factors, like the capacity of your battery, the set power output and how much you’re using the device. If you’re going to crank up the power to maximum (80W), that battery won’t last you more than a couple of hours, maybe three, but at a reasonable power level (40W – 50W), you’re probably going to get around 6 hours of battery life. That’s been my average range anyway.

The Ultex T80 features on-board charging, fast charging and vape-while-charging. The battery charging rate stated on the Joyetech website is 2A, and you will be able to use the device while it’s charging. That’s pretty good, but if you own an external battery charging, I recommend you use that instead whenever possible. It’s safer, and it’s better for the battery.

Joyetech Ultex T80

In terms of performance, I haven’t had any issues with the mod whatsoever. I don’t know what chip Joyetech has used this time around, but this device fires extremely fast, and so far I have yet to encounter any errors. It works as intended is what I’m trying to say.

The tank is about the same, although there are a few things I would like to point out. The NCFilm may have the huge upside that it can be used for a long time and thus save you money, but it also tends to shoot droplets of hot e-liquid into your mind every once in a while. It’s not nearly as bad as the original Cubis and it’s BF coil-heads, but it does happen occasionally so I have to mention it. However, the droplets rarely make it all the way to your mouth, and they’re really small so you barely feel them.

Joyetech Ultex T80

Another thing I have to mention is the mediocre flavor. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not the best I’ve ever gotten out of a tank either. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the wicking not being completely saturated – Joyetech’s system actually guarantees perfect saturation – but rather with the way the airflow is designed. You see, the air coming through the outer chamber of the chimney only hits the top of the NCFilm heater and then goes straight through the inner chamber, and that’s not ideal in my book. The airflow doesn’t even hit the heating element directly, not to mention coming in from underneath it to push all the flavorful vapor into the chimney, but rather travels above it before shooting back up.

Overall, the NCFilm heater is a very interesting innovation, I just think it needs a bit of work to perfect. I for one can’t wait to see what Joyetech does with it going forward, because the premise of a reusable coil for casual users is definitely going to appeal to a lot of people.

Joyetech Ultex T80


The Joyetech Ultex T80 surprised the heck out of me. The mod itself is way more advanced than I expected, featuring most of the modes and settings we usually see on high-end box mods, and the NCFilm really made the Cubis Max tank the star of this kit. The fact that you can clean it and use it for months is a potential game changer, and the performance was promising as well.

Whether you’re looking for a tubular mod that’s packed full of features or just want to see what the new NCFilm heating element is all about, I recommend giving the Ultex T80 a try, it’ll surprise you.


  • Build Quality   ★★★☆☆
  • Performance ★★★☆☆
  • Ease of Use ★★★☆☆
  • Pricing ★★★☆☆

Product Detail: Joyetech ULTEX T80 80W TC Kit with Cubis Max Atomizer

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Freemax Twister Kit Preview – With Fireluke 2 Multi Mesh Tank!

Freemax Twister 80W Starter Kit Previewed from urvapin

The Freemax Twister Kit is a new release from a well loved brand.

freemax twister kit poster

twister kit components
Freemax mod

My favourite sub ohm tanks the Fireluke Mesh and the Mesh Pro were produced by Freemax so yep I am a huge fangirl!

fireluke 2 coils

The Twister kit includes the upgrade to the Fireluke Mesh tank – the Fireluke 2 – which is compatible with the coils from the original plus a few tasty looking new ones.

  • X1 – single mesh coil 0.15ohm 40-90W (included in the kit)
  • X2 – dual mesh coil 0.2ohm 40-80W (included in the kit)
  • X3 – triple mesh coil 0.15ohm 50-90W (available separately)

twister kit features
freemax mod

The coils are wicked with 90% flax cotton and 10% standard cotton which works perfectly in the Mesh Pro coils.

The Fireluke 2 also has a slide to open top fill, adjustable bottom airflow and can use any type of 810 drip tips thanks to the addition of an O-ring in the top cap.Fireluke 2 Tank

In the kit is also the Twister 80W mod. The design is a bit retro – reminds me of the early Variable Voltage devices where you spin a dial on the base of the battery. However this is pretty powerful 5-80W are available!twister adjustment dial

There is an internal 2300mAh battery and also an indicator light to show the battery life.twister kit battery

Inside the mod is the Twister chip with plenty of protection features and apparently a super quick firing of 0.01 seconds.twister kit design features

There are 6 versions to choose from – Black, Space Black, Orange, Red, Green and Blue.twister kit colours

Kit Includes

  • Freemax Twister 80W mod
  • Freemax Fireluke 2 tank
  • X2 mesh coil (pre-installed)
  • X1 mesh coil
  • 5ml bubble glass
  • Spare parts
  • USB Cable
  • User manual

twister kit contents

Freemax Twister 80W Mod Specs

  • Size: 24.7×101.6mm
  • Battery: 2300mAh internal
  • Output: 5-80W
  • Adjustable output via twist dial on base
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm
  • LED indicator light
  • Firing speed of less than 0.01 seconds

Twister specs

Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank Specs

  • Size: 24×47.8mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils: X2 mesh coils (also compatible with Freemax Fireluke Mesh coils)
  • 810 drip tip – fits all styles
  • Slide top fill
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

I am a total fangirl sorry and the promise of a Fireluke 2 with multiple mesh coils makes me very happy!

Now its 16% off in which is a very affordable price.

Has the Freemax Twister Kit got you shaking a tail feather? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Hotcig G100. First look

During its activities, the well-known company  Hotcig has  established itself as a manufacturer of quality box mods , some of which are becoming extremely popular among users. In addition, devices from the aforementioned brand are usually distinguished by a remarkable design and excellent performance, as for the Chinese manufacturer. Hotcig has  several atomizers in the arsenal  , but today it’s not about them. Your attention is invited to the G100 box mod  , endowed with a nice appearance and a board of its own production.

Colors Hotcig G100

Image from

The G100  is available for purchase in one of three body color options: gray, black or red. The novelty has received a rather non-standard form and is elongated in length, while the thickness and width of the box mod differ by modest indicators. The device is made of zinc alloy, a typical picture.

Appearance Hotcig G100Focus On For More Best Vape mods.

The controls are placed on the front panel, where a large monochrome display is located, as well as the Fire button along with the plus and minus buttons combined in the same rhombus. Inside the  G100 is  working firm HM chip  , endowed with a variety of functionality. The maximum power of the mod is as much as 100 watts.

Appearance Hotcig G100

Image from

Only one battery will be responsible for the boxmod’s performance, which, in turn, can be 18650, 20700 or 21700. The battery compartment cover, apparently, is held on magnets and has special notches under the nail for easy removal. On one of the side faces of the  G100, you can notice the micro-USB port, and, although  Hotcig  doesn’t share much of the details about its product, you should expect both charging and software updates.

Appearance Hotcig G100

Image from

Technical characteristics of  Hotcig G100 :

  • Dimensions: 34mm * 31mm * 92mm
  • Output power: 5-100W
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Food: one accumulator
  • Battery Type: 18650, 20700, 21700

Now It’s Available :

Hotcig G100 100W TC Box Mod

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Ijoy Dimond VPC Kit Review | I think it’s around here somewhere?

Introduction to the Diamond VPC Kit by Ijoy

Today I am looking at the Ijoy Diamond VPC kit, this is a MTL (mouth to lung) starter kit. this starter kit is one of the smallest mod-based kits I’ve seen. And it has with it, a 510 Pod system. Yes, that’s right folks a pod system that can be screwed into any 510 device.ijoy Diamond VPC review

So, without giving away too much to early let’s get stuck in:

Disclaimer: This device was sent to me for the purpose of this review. This review is purely my own views and opinions

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Ijoy Diamond BAE Mod
  • 1 x Ijoy VPC Adapter
  • 1 x Ijoy VPC Pod
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Jewel Adaptor
  • 1 x Dust Cap
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable

ijoy vpc kit contents

Specs and features

Diamond VPC Mod:

  • Size: 60 x 34 x 27.5 mm
  • Battery: Internal 20350 1400mAh
  • Screen: 0.49-inch OLED display
  • Output modes: Power | Pod | Jewel | Myle | Juno |
  • Wattage range: 5 – 45 W
  • Voltage range:  2.5 – 3.8 V
  • Resistance parameter: 0.05 – 3.00 ohm
  • Max output current: 26 A
  • Charging: Via micro USB
  • 510 connection: Spring-loaded 510 pin

VPC Adaptor with Pod

  • Height:  36.8 mm including Pod – not including 510
  • Diameter:  19.12 mm
  • Prod Resistance:  1.0 ohm
  • MTL Airflow
  • Rubber grommet side fill point
  • Capacity:  2 mL
  • Threading: non-adjustable 510 pin

Available colors: Mirror Pink | Mirror SS | Mirror Black | Mirror White | Mirror gun Metal | Mirror Rainbow | Mirror Blue | Mirror Red | Mirror Purple | Mirror Green | Mirror Gold | Mirror Orange.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality of the Ijoy Diamond BAE Mod is decent. The battery is an internal 20350 1400mah battery. From the looks of things, Ijoy have decided to seal the battery door shut which is a shame as from the images on their website it looks like a removable battery.The fire button is solid and clicky as are the buttons.

The VPC Unipod itself is a good piece of kit.

ijoy unipod coloursIt feels study. There is also a rubber grommet included in the box, when you insert this into the 510-pod housing, it can then take the JUUL (noted as JEWEL in the menu) pods, but more on that later.Juul attachement

The paint work seems good I have not yet had any chips or marks, but the mirror finish does attract finger prints!! I mean it, you pretty much need to just look at this mod for a fingerprint to appear.

The screen is tiny with a lot packed into it, like the Avenger Baby, not great in direct sunlight.ijoy diamond vpc screen

Focus On For More Vape Kits.

Day out with the VPC

Right before I go into details. I was sent the bright pink version on this mod, so to test this mod properly I attached the lanyard and wore it around my neck to work (I work mainly outdoors with colleagues/public) and yes people found it funny lol. Anyways I digress..

ijoy-VPC-kit-FullAs I said before this kit comes with a lanyard and is that small and light it’s perfect for putting around your neck for long periods of time. It’s just so easy to reach and vape.

The 2ml tank lasted quite a while before it needed refilling. The battery lasted me pretty much all day.

In More Detail

You can charge this device by using the micro usb cable located at the front of the device, charge time takes between 1h – 2h.

This mod will go from 1w to 45w. I will cover the voltage levels in the menu system. On the screen on this you will find:

  • Voltage/Wattage
  • battery indicator
  • puff counter
  • resistance measurement.

The mod is fairly easy to use. 5 clicks on 5 clicks off. 3 click for the menu, now in the menu its fire button to enter, up to go right, down to go left. In the menu system you will find:

  • Power – enter this mode to use wattage between 1w and 45w
  • Pod – Use this mod with the pod included, the range is between 2.5v and 3.8v using this mode for the pod will stop you from over powering it.
  • Jewel (Juul)– remember I mentioned a rubber grommet? Put this inside your 510-pod housing case and you can now use jewel pods in this device. This mode is fixed at 3.1v
  • Myle/Juno – these two menu settings are for other pod brands but at the time of writing no adapters are available.
  • Puff Ress – puff counter reset.

The 510-pod tank itself is truly a first in the vape market and when you take into account it can work with other companies pods it’s a pretty unique offering. The pods themselves are easy to remove and fill, just simply pull out and remove the bung located on the side, fill and replace.


How Does the iJoy Diamond VPC Kit Perform?

For testing a have been using Miami Drip Club, Little Havana 12mg.

Once the pod is filled for the first time, please make sure you leave it 10/15 mins so that the coil has enough time to soak up the juice (so the coil doesn’t dry hit and burn).ijoy unipod tank
The kit does what it is supposed to do, the flavour is good from the Unipod tank. This kit really does perform like a dream and I have found myself putting it around my neck if I need to pop out to the shops or somewhere like that.

As I vape quite heavy I am usually refilling the pod up about roughly every 1 to 1.5 hrs.

!!Warning!! Do not vape the pod at 45w, it will dry hit hard!! I have found this out due to accidently leaving it in power mode. Double check your setting before firing!

As for the pod itself, I have yet to change it. It has just seemed to keep going, there is some signs of it on its way out though (after a week, but this may be due to the 45w dry it lol).

This mod can of course be used with any vape tank or dripper as long as it vapes within the mods parameters.


  • Easy to use
  • Small and light wait/ Lanyard carry with ease
  • 510 connection (for other tanks)
  • Good battery life!


  • Device doesn’t lock – Although can turn off/on
  • Only 1 Pod.

Final Verdict

This iJoy Diamond VPC is a brilliant little MTL (mouth to lung) kit. I cannot fault this device, if you want a brilliant integrated battery, tiny starter kit or if you want a small mod to pop out with, I’d highly recommend this.

Now It’s Available :

IJOY Diamond VPC Kit 1400mAh

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