Limitless 200w LMC TC Box Mod New Colors $55.69 Vape Deals

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod

Temperature Control Box Mod

For a limited time only, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod New Version is on sale right here for only $55.69 from Urvapin! No coupon code required! Free shipping is included with this purchase! The colors available are new version Red, Flag, Rainbow, Space Gray and Grain.

The Limitless LMC 200W TC Box Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included). This device does feature a maximum wattage output of 200w, and features a custom chip! The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod also features temperature control for Ni200, Ti, and SS wires.

The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod has a ton of safety features built in, providing the user a peace of mind during use. The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod includes three memory modes as well as three presets: Soft, Standard, and Powerful. Lastly, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod features interchangeable plates with magnets, so you can easily customize this device!

All in all, this is a great deal for the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod! If you are a fan of Limitless and looking to pick up a new temperature control box mod for cheap, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at Urvapin for only $55.69! This sale does end 6/23/17!

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Product Features:

  • Required 2 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Maximum wattage output: 200w
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.08 ohm
  • Many Safety Features
  • Temperature Control: Ni200, Ti, SS
  • Interchangeable Plates with Magnets
  • 3 Preset Modes (Soft, Standard, Powerful)
  • New Version
  • Custom Chipset

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Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Review from Urvapin

Today I will be reviewing the Oumier Wasp Nano RDA.

The Wasp Nano by Oumier is a 22mm single-coil RDA designed for flavor chasing. It features a gold-plated deck, a very reduced chamber, and also includes a squonking pin.

The deck is pretty similar to the Hadaly, however the posts are a lot longer. I like this because it reduces the chamber size by a lot, however it could also be a con because it forces you to make really wide coils or bow out the coil legs for smaller coils.

Building and wicking this RDA is effortless with a wider coil. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish, and I love that about it. With a smaller coil the legs will need some adjustments so they can find the terminals, but even that doesn’t take much time.

The terminals have a slight valley shape to them, so even if you want to use thinner wire it still makes a solid connection. I like this feature, and it also makes building with thicker builds easier because it funnels the wire down exactly to where it should be.

Airflow is adjusted by spinning the ultem cap. The tolerance is somewhat loose, and when the o-rings get juicy it moves with very little resistance. It’s so loose that it will spin around in your pocket, but in a perfect world it would be a little more grippy. The airflow is smooth with all settings, and never gets turbulent or whistle-y.

Wide open, the airflow is surprisingly pretty loose. Even at 80w with a big alien coil, wide open is a bit too airy for me. Even wide open though, the flavor is still excellent and beats most of my flavor-oriented RDAs. The way I like it most is at 60W with the airflow around 3/4 open. With these settings it gives a nice smooth restricted lung draw and stunning flavor production.

This is easily in my top 3 flavor RDA’s of all time. The reduced single-coil deck and the fact that it can handle decently higher wattages make it a flavor monster. At around 60w with the airflow slightly choked down, it gives extremely concentrated flavorful vapor.

If you’re in the market for a compact 22mm flavor chasing RDA, I’d give the Wasp Nano a serious look. If interested, its available on urvapin.

Limitless Pulse Pod System Review from Urvapin

The Limitless Pulse is a cutting-edge pod style vaporizer that utilizes a draw activated firing mechanism, creating the ultimate mouth to lung vaporizer for beginners looking to quit smoking.

It is the newest addition to the Limitless product line. Manufactured by PLY Rock, the Pulse comes with one full unit with a refillable pod installed, 1 extra pod, and a USB charger.

Today we review the Pulse Pod System, a new pod mod by Limitless Mod Co and Ply Rock. Its edgy design and refillable pods are sure to be talking points.

The Pulse Vaporizer from Limitless is powered by a 8W, 350mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Pod vaporizers require very little power, throw in the draw activated firing mechanism and you have an extremely long lasting battery that will vape for days on end before eventually needing a recharge.

Within this kit you will find two of the Pulse refillable pod atomizers. The refillable pod allows you to vape your favorite flavors rather than having to buy pre-filled cartridges made specifically for your vape. Each pod can hold up to 2mL of liquid at any given time and can be quickly refilled by removing the black mouthpiece then removing the inner plug to access the fill ports.

Limitless’ Pulse Vaporizer also features a customizable LED light system controlled by the button found on the center of the device, a micro-usb charging port with 1A max charge rate allows you to get a quick recharge no matter where you may be and a low-resistance battery protection will ensure safe use at all times.The Pulse is easy-to-use with its draw-activated fire mechanism, and is designed with a multiple LED light system to customize your look. So just buy one on e cigarette store urvapin to help you quit smoking.


VOOPOO DRAG 157w box testing

When choosing a pressure regulating box equipment, users often choose from the appearance of the box, workmanship, and chip. Chip on some degree determines the success or failure of a product. Today we introduce VOOPOO Drag 157w to you.

Using solid material, detail processing is very well. Today we focus on the chip.

DRAG box mod carry a chip named Gene Fan, on the official instructions with surge tank, temperature control, custom curve, SUPER power mode, 25 ms ignition speed and powerful PC support.

First in terms of operation, fast press the ignition key 5 times switch machine. rapid press 3 times will convert directly to a power/temperature control mode. The power output of temperature control adjustment by can be done by fast pressignition key 4 times. The transformation of the secondary menu is not necessary, which is convenient in operation.

In regulating mode presses the two buttons will get into 5 groups memory mode, host number query information and version information; In the temperature control mode there will be a resistor trimming and the adjustment of the numerical control function. The ignition key with the “+” key lock the adjusting button; The ignition key with “-” key reverse the screen direction.

Official mentioned ” the fastest fire speed ever at 0.025s”, although there is no professional tools to do check precise time, but the box mod in subject we can real feel its ignition speed under the condition of the atomizer resistance and power match properly. Almost can be said that when you press the ignition key chip can work simultaneously.

Another feature is SUPER SUPER power mode. When the power regulation reach 130 w it automatically open. It can go up to 157 w.

Finally, we can also find the chip also has a very good function: adaptive power setting. Because each time the atomizer installed based on the current resistance the box mod automatically adapt to a modest power.

In summary, VOOPOO DRAG 157w box mod can meet almost all electronic cigarette users. Fully functional PC software support, can let it has a more persuasive. e cigarette store

Tesla Invader 2/3 Box Mod PVs & Mods review

 Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is another product with higher output power launched by Teslacigs following Invader III. The user can choose to use 2/3 batteries and obtain different power output by adjusting the vlotage of the potentiometer. The maximum power output is 240W/360W. The product is equipped with and LED light at the bottom, which allows you to better know the usage of the product. Urvapin

The potentiometer control knob is for voltage adjustment. You can rotate it from I to V to choose the power. The voltage regulation range is 3.0-8.0V.

With the advanced Teslacigs proprietary chipset, users will receive instant feedback upon firing Invader 2/3. Utilizing dual/three 18650 batteries in series configuration, users can actually generate power up to 240 watts/360 watts.

According to the number of LED indicator flashing,  user can clearly grasp the usage of the product, such as LED flashing 10 times that means vaping time has been more than 10s, and LED flashing 15 times that means the device voltage is too low…

Invader 2/3 is equipped with two different battery covers, one is for three 18650, the other is for two 18650. User can easily replace them and get different kinds of experience.

Adding stylish carbon fiber style that can greatly improve the appearance of Invader 2/3.

Invader 2/3 offers various kinds of protections to ensure user safety. When you are going through protection, try to make it work correctly.

This Product Features:
Maximum Wattage Output: 240.0W (2 Batteries) 360.0W (3 Batteries)
Battery: 2/3*18650 High-drain batteries (Not Included)
Minimum Resistance: 0.10 Ohms
Adjustable Potentiometer
Replaceable Battery Cover
LED Inidcator
Low Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Resistance Protection

You Will Receive:
1x – Tesla Invader 2/3
1x – Extra Battery Cover

Ijoy Captain pd270 Dual 20700 TC Box Mod 234W Review

Ijoy Captain pd270 RDTA Box Kit-234W is the newest and innovation box mod from Ijoy. It use the new format battery 20700. IJOY Captain PD270 holds dual 20700 batteries, and compatible with dual 18650 batteries. It is a high quality device featuring a tremendous maximumup 234W output power but no overhang with 30mm tanks, however a super compact size, feels good in hand and easy to carry, with the features of super compact size and NI/TI/SS/TCR temperature control, IJOY PD270 is the inevitable choice for every single vapers!

IJOY PD270, P on behalf of the high performance, D on behalf of the dual batteries, 270 on behalf of 20700 batteries. The 20700 batteries are selected by a famous car corporation to replace the 18650 battery, representing high quality and stable performance. IJOY believes that 20700 will replace 18650 and be the future in Vaping industry!

Ijoy Captain pd270 Specifications:
Max Wattage: 234W
Compact and portable
Bright and big size screen
No overhang with 30mm tanks
Dual 20700 batteries Box Mod(batteries included)
18650 battery fit with adapter
Personalized design, with a unique experience
NI/TI/SS temperature control
TCR function
Unique Custom User Mode
Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
USB port charging support
Firmware Upgradeable

Ijoy Captain pd270 Package:
2* IJOY 20700 Batteries
1* 18650 adapter
1* USB Cable
1* Manual
1* Warranty Card

Colors available: 3 body colors, 18 different skins to choose from

Well, the Captain is truly a little powerhouse mod that lives up to expectations. The batteries are powerful and the mod’s onboard tech ensures that every feature is precisely regulated for maximum effect. We expect it to be a popular choice for vapers everywhere – and for good reason as it is one of the best e cigs in its class. If you’re looking for a new mod, the IJOY Captain PD270 Box Mod is certainly one option that you can’t afford to ignore.

Urvapin SMOANT CHARON TC 218W Review

When first contacted with electronic cigarettes, people may feel confused facing with so many electronic cigarette equipment in a wide range of designs.

The device is ok or not? Chose appearance or performance? How to chose?

We today introduce a highly cost-effective host entry level, SMOANT CHARON TC 218W box mod. Open the carton, we can see appearance of the host and the name. The upper right corner shows the color of the host. In addition to the LOGO and the type of the host on the back there are the information such as the characteristics of host and the anti-counterfeiting query stickers in the lower right corner.

Open the package, we see warning card, after-sale warranty card, and battery in the first. We are gratified that all the three documents have Chinese instructions.

Then is our protagonist Smoant Charon TC 218 BOX mod. There are nine kinds of color. The author got the gold, and the carton on the left side of the host containing the data line.

After the experiencing for a period of time, we get the advantages of the host:

  1. The delay time is very short, and it’s hard to feel.
  2. In daily use, it erupt rapidly.
  3. The ratio of volume and weight is appropriate, and it’s easy to grip.
  4. The temperature control effect is stable, no high output temperature and so forth.
  5. Double 18650 batteries guarantee it’ range.
  6. With simple operation mode and a Chinese manual it’s very friendly to the novice.

The faults:
The workmanship is a little crude.

  1. The NC material temperature control make the smoke taste light (a chip algorithm problem, should be able to get change by PC).
  2. The leather covering on the back of the battery, in use for a long time is in a risk of degumming.
  3. The resistance of the host shell surface is not strong.

According to the price abroad, the price will be higher than the robotech. It’s still excellent cost-effective. Simple mode of operation with good experience of output and larger scope of power make the host also has the potential of becoming a necessary introduction to the new. Although there are a few small problems, its high cost performance will also be able to hide these small flaws.

Up to now, the host of the power and performance are also constantly improved, from the initial around 40 w to 150 w or higher. The phenomenon such as ignition delay nearly extinct, and the operating mode is more simple.

Equipment with Chinese instruction is also gradually increased, which shows that the domestic market is gradually being regarded by the manufacturer. The threshold of the domestic players to use electronic cigarette also will be more and more low. More and more people can use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes.

Tesla Nano120W Steampunk Style Host Evaluation

Tesla established home products launched the new host. Violence is still the main performance of the brand, is synonymous with tesla. Early one of the most famous product is the tesla electric double series of invaders box. But the invaders is a little big.Today we introduce the nano 120 w volume which is smaller

The whole machine decorated with carved steampunk style gear. It is similar to tesla previous host: Oblique button, the arc on the top. Even without TESLACIGS on the fuselage sid players should be able to guess that it is released by the tesla.

Side abandoned conventional square shape edges and corners and adopt smooth radian, which as well as increase the handle feeling, make the integrity of the machine radium vulture design.

The tesla nano 120 w box mod has a function different from the aggressor. Although it is also a double electric box, it is not a series of straight but a fully functional chip temperature control host. It is small in size but the weight is really very big! At the bottom of the battery cover use push-pull mode, coins are not need and you don’t have to twist the lid. Equipped with batteries, you just have to press and push to done.

Tesla’s the new host has plastic protective film to prevent from scratching. It’s really hard to tear and the protection is very good. At the top, the adaptive electrode is compatible to more atomizer. Main body frame are made of zinc alloy. The color of the appearance is colored in the late process, in the outer layer and a protective film similar to UV layer. It is not easy to rub off.

The battery has negative mark on the lid. The bottom of the chamber are also marked. Switch was changed to slide mechanical switch to control. Button is very small and tight. You don’t have to worry about accidentally touch in the pocket.

Host with Chinese manual is very simple and all had written, illustrations are also exist. The function of the host is a lot, also relatively routine and practical.

Memory gear, output model, temperature control of materials and so on, which are all available. It also can adjust the output on the machine in graphic mode curve. The functions are not very powerful, but they are certainly enough. tesla nano 120w starter kit

The appearance is suitable for players like punk rocks. If the price is suitable for you, it’s worthy of the money.

SMOK OUB 80W Baby TC Kit with TFV8 Baby W/O Battery

The SMOK OSUB 80W Baby is an elegant vaping device which includes the popular TFV8 Baby tank and the compact OSUB 80W Baby MOD. It features 80W output power, intelligent VW/TC modes, more detailed vaping data, snap-on battery cover and multiple protections for safe vaping. Let’s see some details of the SMOK OSUB 80W Baby.


Details of OSUB 80W Baby MOD
Size: 83 x 37 x 22
Material: Zinc Alloy
Power Range: 1 – 80W
Voltage range: 0.8v -9v
Temp Range: 200 – 600F / 100 – 315C
Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3ohm (VW mode)/ 0.06 – 3ohm (TC mode)

Details of TFV8 Baby
Size: 22 x 53mm/ 22x 50mm (EU)
Capacity: 3ml/2ml (EU)
Material: SS
Thread: 510

SMOK OSUB 80W Baby TC Kit with TFV8 Baby W/O Battery

It comes withone OSUB 80W Baby MOD, one TFV8 Baby tank (3ml – Standard Edition)/ (2ml – EU Edition), two V8 Baby-Q2 Core 0.4ohm dual coil (one is pre-installed), one User Manual, one USB cable and Spare parts.

80W power and intelligent VE/TC modes bring you an extremely open draw. Airflow can be adjusted freely by turning the ring at the base of atomizer. The clearly OLED screen combines with entirely new operation interface. More vaping data for you, such as VW/TC mode, vaping effect, voltage, battery life, resistance value etc. Powered by one replaceable 18650 battery and its snap-on battery cover is easy to slip and replace. OSUB 80W baby mod provide multiple types of protections to safe guard against potential risk. The Delfina drip tip will bring increased airflow and provide you with powerful draw effects. The TFV8 Baby adopts adjustable airflow system and top filling design too – perfect!