Joyetech Teros One Vape review

Teros One was newly introduced by Joyetech! Is available in the lightweight design and mobile dimension with glass panel, which intense comparison from lighting and darkness of glass offers a visual impact to you personally! Plug the transportable style, you are able to carry it anywhere you would like to go. Besides, although it is little in size, housing a 650mAh battery with Kind-C charge to provide you long-lasting vaping lifestyle and help you to get fully billed shortly. Obtainable in three power levels for alternatives, rich in, Medium, Low levels respectively. You just pick the desired setting for the gadget. In addition to, the .8ohm mesh coil delivers you exceptional MTL vaping experience with an intense taste. It’s handy that implementing a childproof satisfying method for simpler filling up process and much better leaking security. What’s more, the Directed sign also reminds you in the product position clearly. Substantial-end outlook, Effortless procedure, Optimal flavor, get Teros One now and commence your pleasant vaping quest!


§Thermochromic and photochromic finish

§Built-in 480mAh battery

§Innovative ECO tech for long lifespan

§Refillable 2ml pod cartridge

§Compact size with portable design

§Draw-activated firing mechanism


 Size90 x 29 x 12mm
 Output Mode1.85V constant voltage
 Battery Capacity480mAh
 Coil Resistance0.5ohm
 ColorSilver, Black, PC1 (white-pink), PC2 (yellow-red), TC1 (red-yellow), TC2 (purple-red)

Package Included

§1 x TEROS Battery

§2 x TEROS Cartridge

§1 x USB Cable

§1 x Quick Start

§1 x Warranty Card

§1 x Warning Card

Joyetech Exceed Box Kit review

Today We will tell about the next recruitment for beginners from the company Joyetech called Exceed Box.

The Chinese from Joyetech definitely know a lot about starting sets. Moreover, this feature has been noticed for the company since the days of one of the first “Eyeshek”. Recently on the pages of our site flashed a review on the Exceed D19 Kit – a modernized device of the old diameter of 19mm, which received quite good reviews on the Internet. A few days ago the manufacturer continued the line of devices with the name Exceed and presented already a box mod, staffed with an interesting cleric. Let’s take a look at all this joy.

Joyetech Exceed Box Kit is a next “whale” for beginners vapers, brought to almost maximum ease of use. The novelty is available for purchase in five basic colors. Interestingly, the complete tank will have a similar color box in all cases.

The battery pack received a built-in 3000 mAh battery with the ability to charge up to 1A. Exceed Box can work in two modes: constant voltage and the principle of mehmoda. Switching between these modes occurs when the Fire button is pressed three times.

The control function of the device is assigned to a tiny LED-display of circular shape. Can this screen, by the way, not so much: to display the level of charge of the built-in battery and to inform about the switching of the modes of soaring. A little lower you can see a strip with a highlight around the fashion, performing similar actions to the display.

The “whale” tank was called EXCEED D22C and it is quite a standard non-service, however, with some of its features, which include, for example, the modern possibility to change the capacity from 2ml to 3.5ml.

Joyetech focuses on the new filling system, developed with special protection from children. To open the lid, you will need to press and rotate it. It is unlikely that such a construct will cause difficulties for anyone, but the manufacturer at least tries.

By and large, the tank is not something unique, but, coupled with the MTL-evaporator, can become a good alternative for fans of tight tightening, who do not want to bother with winding.
Joyetech Exceed 3000mAh Box Kit
Specifications Joyetech Exceed Box Kit:

Dimensions: 25mm * 41mm * 115mm
Weight: 145.8g
Capacity of the tank: 2ml / 3.5ml
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Maximum charging current: 1A
Colors: silver, black, white, dark orange, black & white

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Joyetech penguin suit measurements

Packaging appearance image is simple and honest cute penguins. We can see the style of the suit.
joyetech atopack penguin
The kit contains ATOPACK atomizer, 0.6 Ω atomizing core, 0.25 Ω atomizing core, drip nozzle cover, smoke bombs silicone cover, USB charging line, manual, warranty cards, warning card.

Penguin box mod size: 52 MM * 26.5 MM * 102.5 MM, weight: 140 grams, built-in battery capacity: 2000 ma. Two materials PETG and silicone are adopted in oil tank. The box mod adopted zinc alloy material, so the weight was also greatly reduced. It looks round abe affluent.
joyetech atopack penguin
The ignition key is a coin size. Ignition key reaction is ringing. Below the ignition key are five small white lights, which is used to observe electricity. Under that is the USB charging interface.

Two pieces of metal electrode at the bottom of the oil tank directly connect to atomization core. The base use gold plating getting better connected to the electrode. On the back, the metal card buckles better connected to the smoke bomb will not fall off easily.
joyetech atopack penguin
Drops of the mouth is comfortable. On the side we can see smoke oil capacity is 8.8 ML. When you take it out, there is no need to add oil. Very convenient!
On the other side can also indicate their smoke of oil and composition (write) by yourself.

Penguin is equipped with two paragraphs, 0.6 Ω and 0.25 Ω atomizing core, taking the big smoke route, and atomizing core design is very unique. The advantage is that directly the condensate go back into the atomization for secondary atomization. You don’t have to worry about too much leakage.

Penguin has a clear positioning: convenient to carry, very suitable for beginners who do not have to understand all kinds of complicated data!
The host offers a variety of colors. If you have interests, you can look for it on urvapin.

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Joyetech product “ATOPACK PENGUIN PENGUIN” review

Currently on the market, there are a lot of “fool” type operation for tobacco products, but most of them are with “for smoke” as the positioning without a brilliant design in appearance. Today we will share a suit from Joyetech, a completely zero-base operation electronic cigarette products, penguin. Its appearance is on a high level.
joyetech atopack penguin
Begin with appearance, since this product shows in shenzhen in April, it scored friends favor. The shelves of Joyetech is full of friends to see the penguin’s beauty. Penguin appearance is special, with zinc alloy shell, portable and practical. Five colors are available.

Oil tank use PETG material woth high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Molding technology is adopted on oil tank. There is no oil leakage. Oil tank capacity of penguins is as high as 8.8 ml, battery capacity is 2000 mah, and I tried one day, regardless of the lung or pump absorption no additional fuel and charge are needed, which is very convenient.
joyetech atopack penguin
It is worth mentioning the penguin atomization core, with two core, a 0.25 for lung big tobacco smoke and a 0.6 for suction. Designers cleverly placed vertical BVC coil horizontally, completely eliminate the phenomenon of frying oil. Pure ceramic material atomizing core, don’t need too much power to meet the demand of the big smoke, gather more heat, effectively improve the degree of atomization, taste better. But it is important to note that the core feed speed is not fast. New core wetting time is not less than 15 minutes before using, better be to more than 20 minutes, suction after adding fluid, then let it stand.

Electronic cigarettes users all know that general box has the process of ignition delay, but so far the penguin is the fastest in ignition in Joyetech products. You almost can’t feel the ignition delay. The user can directly feel the reduction degree of smoke oil and smoke explosion.
joyetech atopack penguin
Continuous suction will slow the oil absorption speed. Too high VG oil (such as more than 70 VG) is not suitabl. Otherwise the atomization core is easy to reduce the service life of the core.

The penguin is a simple and reliable device to get started. If you still hesitate to choose what kind of equipment, might as well try the penguin.

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