2019 Smoant S8 Pod Review

Smoant S8 Pod Review

Within the package, we have now the S8 pod method put into a Styrofoam holder, and next to it, a smaller container that contains an extremely quick micro-USB cable tv for asking as well as a plastic, refillable needle bottle, for refilling the pods. We also have a lot of training and caution charge cards contained in the package, which Make sure you read before making use of the S8 the first time.

Design and style and Build High quality

The USB stay-like style of the JUUL seems to be really preferred among suppliers, but Smoant decided to go with anything new and fresh, a thing that would help their product stand out from the huge levels of competition. Many people evaluate its shape to that relating to a clamshell, while others say it appears similar to a clever deal with powder kit. Smoant states its form was inspired by iconic sports activity automobiles like Ferrari LaFerrari or the Lamborghini Reventon and explains it as a “the supercar from the vape world”.

I say it’s a slender oval with slightly elongated finishes if that helps make any perception. That doesn’t audio very remarkable, but the simple and sleek form of the Smoant S8 actually is very stylish. I’m not exactly a professional in terms of pod method design, nevertheless in my restricted experience, the S8 is unquestionably among the best looking – if not the most effective seeking – pod vaporizers on the market.

The S8 pod product is 86.6mm extended, 48mm large at its broadest point, and only 12mm thick, which makes it among the thinnest vaping products available right now, alongside with one of its greatest competitors, the Suorin Atmosphere. However, the Smoant pod system has a little bit more bodyweight with it, which gives it a quality really feel inside the hand.

The S8 currently only is available in glossy black, and Smoant hasn’t declared whether other shade versions and fresh paint types will likely be available later on. It’s a fingerprint magnet, however, the glossy finish fits the slick, elegant look of the product.

Like the majority of other pod methods, the Smoant S8 doesn’t feature any physical switches, relying instead on a pull-undefined stimulated change to trigger the battery. Rather than having to push a button, all you need to do is attract on the mouthpiece and also the built-in battery power will start to warm up the coil in the replaceable pod.

The absence of physical control keys provides the S8 its clean and sleek appear. The sole noteworthy elements are definitely the glowing Smoant logo design right in the center of the unit, the “Designed by Smoant” on the back, as well as the inconspicuous mini-USB slot on the side of the vaporizer.

Whenever you take out the plastic-type pod the very first time, you see that this “inner workings” of the S8 are not much different as opposed to those of Surorin Air or other similar vaping techniques. You have two rounded magnets that maintain the pod from falling off, two metal connectors, and a small slot in the middle, which conceals the draw-undefined triggered indicator. You will also discover two flashing lighting every time you take off the pod. This assists many purposes, which we’ll go although later on.

The plastic pods are also much like those of the Suorin Air. The mouthpiece, the juice reservoir, as well as the coil and 100 % cotton wicking, are all included in the identical unit, which connects to the S8 vaporizer via magnets. Air opening on the mouthpiece is very small, as is also the orifice on the back of the pod – through which atmosphere arrives through – so you should assume a tight, smoke-like draw. There’s no way to adjust this, in case you’re searching for something airier, maybe take into account one more pod method.

On the back of the pods, we have similar magnets and magnetic connectors as around the S8 electric battery, only rather than those LED lights in the ends, we have a rubber cap which can be elevated to show the fill slot. The pods have to be packed before they can be utilized, so be sure you get some e-liquid if this sounds like the first vaping device. To load the pod, just move back the rubberized cap, insert the needle of your own juice container into the reservoir although being sure that you leave some room for the atmosphere inside to avoid. When it’s full, pop the cover back in, hook the pod towards the battery power, and wait around a couple of minutes before vaping, to ensure that the 100 % cotton wicking is nice and saturated.

Battery Life and Efficiency

The Smoant S8 pod system includes a built-in 370 mAh battery power, which probably seems abysmal considering that a lot of individual battery advanced mods have at the very least 2,000 mAh life of the battery. But looking at pod methods to mods just isn’t fair. They are two completely different vaping gadgets targeted at diverse categories of vapers. Pod methods are primarily designed to fit the requirements of clean ex-people who smoke in search of a light-up-undefined totally free substitute. They don’t require lots of battery power to do that.

For example, the coils within the S8 pods possess an opposition of 1.3 ohms, which coupled with the 3.3V – 3.4V output of the vaporizer, generates between 7W and 12W of power. Most advanced mods can create over 200W so that they need huge batteries, but pod methods don’t. They generate almost no power, so 370 mAh can realistically serve you for an end-user a complete day time without the need to recharge.

To learn just how much battery lifespan you may have remaining, all you have to do is monitor those LED lights I mentioned previously. When battery life has ended 30undefinedPercent, they will light up azure each and every time you pull in the S8. When the life of the battery falls under 30undefined%, the lamps will transform red, signaling the necessity to charge.

Whilst charging, when battery life is under 70undefinedPercent, the lights will blink red, and once it surpasses 70undefinedPercent, they are going to blink light blue. After the battery is fully charged, the azure light will remain on entirely.

Here’s the one thing about these light-weight signs, however. As the pods are constructed from a tinted plastic material, as well as the LEDs are lights up beneath the pod, it’s sort of tough to see the. It’s no problem, but they may have definitely developed a better method.

The S8 pod method also offers some built-in safety features. If the gadget registers a brief-circuit, or maybe the pod doesn’t links for the battery properly, the LED lights will flash red-colored 5 instances. I’ve been using the S8 for any 30 days now, and I’ve had no these kinds of issues, but it’s nice to learn it has some protection set up.

The S8 facilitates vaping although charging you, to help you theoretically utilize it being a passthrough, but that mini-USB cable is really brief you won’t have the ability to deliver the product to your mouth area without unplugging from whatever capabilities supply you’re utilizing.

In terms of vaping performance, the Smoant S8 is in fact quite impressive for the size. What really causes it to be unique within my reserve is the fact that it’s the first regulated pod program I’ve ever tried. Most other very similar products draw power completely from the battery, so as the voltage of the electric battery gradually falls, so does the energy production. Which means you’re not receiving the identical vaping experience on a regular basis, but the S8 is unique.

In accordance with the included consumer guide, the Smoant S8 works inside the 3.3.V – 3.4V array all the time, so irrespective of how significantly battery life you might have to remain, you’ll still enjoy the same vaping experience each and every time you attract onto it. That’s an enormous deal with my reserve, and i also expect other manufacturers adhere to fit with their long term pod systems.

Smoant recommends using the S8 pod method with 70VG/30VG e-fluid but cautions that more than 40% PG content can make the juice as well fluid and trigger leaking. That hasn’t happened for me though. I employed some of that 50VG/50PG juice from Vape Superstore, and the pod was as dried out as being a bone tissue. So definitely make an effort to stick to the manufacturer’s suggestions, but understand that PG-heavy e-fluids should work fine as well.

Vapor creation is superb for this kind of vaping device. You won’t succeed any cloud-pursuing levels of competition with the S8, however, it puts out more vapor than most cigar likes as well as other pod methods, just like the JUUL. The flavor is ok too I can’t say I’ve been blown away by how good some juices preference, but it’s above typical and enough to keep individuals from going back to cigarette smoking.

The attract is tighter than I’m utilized to – I favor direct lung vaping – but when you’re just arriving away cigs, it must feel very common. Smoant did a great job emulating the cigarette smoking experience.

Another thing I love regarding the S8 pod system is how stealthy it is. Furthermore it comfortably easily fit in the tiniest of grownup hands, however, it barely helps make any noise when you use it. It is possible to barely listen to the coil sizzling inside the plastic pod, plus it makes no whistling seem when you pull.


The Smoant S8 is unquestionably one of many much better pod systems I’ve evaluated. I could see it giving devices just like the Atopack Penguin a run for his or her cash, and also dethrone the Suorin Atmosphere because of the king from the clever pod techniques. I adore the style of it, the reality that it fires at a steady voltage array regardless of the life of the battery, and the tight draw is reminiscent of cigarette smoking, which makes it an excellent option for clean ex-smokers.

Smoant Charon TS 218W touch screen mod

Smoant Charon TS 218W Box Mod, a pocket device deploys a beautiful highly-responsive screen with custom VW/TC curves and a genuinely clean to use interface and a tiny display screen lock button above the fire key to ensure a safe way for operation.
Powered via two 18650 batteries whose most output can be reached to 218W with quick and strong power transport in addition to wonderful TC. It has a user-friendly UI to pair with the advanced chipset from the original Charon 218W. The touch screen mod features a massive 2.4 inch TFT touch screen to improve the operation to an easy and effective level.
The Charon integrates an updated ANT 218s chipset capable of firing up to 218W and comprehensive temperature control regulation with support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating element, providing a stable performance for vapers to enjoy. The Smoant Charon TS 218W also features low resistance protection, over-time charging protection, overheating protection and reverse polarity protection. These design will bring you a pleasant and safe vaping experience!

Smoant Charon TS 218W
Features & Specifications
Dimensions: 59.5mm x 85mm x 29.3mm
Compact, portable, ergonomic
Power output range: 1W to 218W
TC output range: 100 to 300℃ or 200 to 600℉
TC mode compatibility: SS, Ni200, Ti, TCR, TC Curve
Resistance range VW: 0.1Ω to 5.0Ω
Resistance range TC: 0.05Ω to 2.0Ω
Power heating modes: Min, Norm, Hard, Max, Power Curve
Massive touch screen display :
Size: 2.4″
Glitch free
Easy lock/unlock button to prevent accidental firing, unnecessary battery draining & unwanted mod adjustments
Brightness adjustment

Utilizes dual 18650 cells:
Magnetic back battery cover
Micro USB 5V/1A charging
Passthrough vaping system
Vape while charging

Safety features:
Low resistance protection
Reverse battery protection
Overheat protection
Over-puff protection
Temperature protection
Low voltage protection

Included with purchase:
1 * Smoant Charon TS 218W TC Mod
1 * Micro USB Cable
1 * User Manual

Smoant Charon TS 218W is one of the best touch screen mod on the market today with a futuristic design. To join the touch screen trend, you can get it on Urvapin.

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